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אנו שמחים שהגעת אל האתר שלנו! אנא שוטט בו להנאתך, אך שים לב כי הגישה למספר דפים שמורה לחברים בלבד

ארץ הקודש היא ארצו של אלוהים. ארץ זו ידעה עבר סוער והווה שברירי, אך עתידה יהיה נהדר. לכן, אנו רוצים לשתף אותך בדברים על הארץ ועלינו – הקהילה הישראלית – ובתקוותינו בהבטחותיו של אלוהים


The Holy Land is God's Land.  It's had a turbulent past - it's present is fragile - but it's future is glorious; so we want to tell you about the land and us - the Israel Ecclesia and our hope in the promises of God.

Like to know more about God's promises?

Our Hope

We have a wonderful hope, and we want to bring this Bible hope to you.  Read how Scripture offers that hope to everyone:

  • "the one hope that belongs to your call" (Ephesians 4:4),
  • "the hope of Israel" (Acts 28:20),
  • "for hope in the promise made by God to our Fathers" (Acts 26:6),
  • "having a hope in God ...that there will be a resurrection..." (Acts 24:15), and
  • "we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. Through him...we rejoice in the hope of sharing the glory of God." (Romans 5:1-2)

This website is designed to bring this "hope in God" to you and to encourage you to "take hold of the hope" that is set before you (Hebrews 6:18).